Why pigeon run you ask?

Have you ever chased a pigeon? Not that you would, because they are gross and ugly. However, they live their lives being chased. They are always flocking around food and blending in with people in highly populated areas. They are resourceful and calculated in how they live their lives. Deep pigeon philosophy I know. But there is an element of being chased that is invigorating and fun in the challenge; one that requires pigeons to be alert and aware. Well after all that, my blog has nothing everything to do with pigeons.

Pigeon pose. You love it when you can do it. You hate it when you can’t. I hate it all the time. But isn’t it true as humans we hate what we can’t do? This blog is titled pigeon run because the effect that running has on my inability to sit still, breath, think and not scream during pigeon pose. The often lengthy and uncomfortable pose is only made worse in runners and I am clear example of that! But after months of hot yoga and focusing on my breath, I have seen how pigeon is healing my knees and allowing me to run freely. I am truly thankful for that duality in my life. In the midst of my internal screaming during pigeon, I am now finding peace in the chase of my running dreams, to complete marathons and eventually an ultra 100 miler.

If you haven’t tried pigeon or running. You should. Your knees may hate you but your soul will not.


One thought on “Why pigeon run you ask?

  1. KELLIE RYAN says:

    You are amazing and an inspiration.

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