meet my ARs. adult roommates. the legendary “pete the meat” and his way better equal half notorious “lise the meese”. also known as my rents. short for parents. short for they did it almost 25 years ago. got lucky. their child grew up awesome. genetic anomaly. completely vain. oh wait! thats me. duh.


dad PG-13 please with that hand

for the last year and some way heavy change i have lived with these kooks. its been great. free laundry. the best packed lunches in my whole grad program. DVR TV. a merlot chugging partner. and an occasional 20 spot slipped my way on a saturday night with the encouraging words from my mom no monkey dancing tonight, or my personal favorite if you are going out in the rain, where a raincoat. duh mom. and rain boots too silly. 🙂

but so long, peace out, adios, buhbye…… i am moving out. this weekend. big moves.

i felt like it was the right time to move. test the waters. see if i crumble. see if i grow. all that life transition shit that is super annoying to hear and anticipate. i just need to do it. so charlotte bring it on. i think we could get along just fine.



One thought on “adios.

  1. tammy says:

    How’s it going so far???? And happy birthday, lady!! 🙂

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