hold up.

if there is one thing i hate in life it is disappointment. not as much as i hate whales. but it is up there.

as some of you know i was about to embark on yoga teacher training this fall (in fact it was going to start tonight), however, it was cancelled. postponed until january. but like many disappointments in my life, i will break down for a week, flood the studio with my tears, binge eat all candy corn pumpkins CVS will sell me, and run a marathon. and then… just then i will be okay and regain some sort of super twisted super busy homeostasis in my life.

simply put i am running a marathon. haven’t picked one. but it will probably be disney. nothing happier than running 26.2 miles through a sea of overweight, Teva strapped, fanny pack toting, funnel cake eating tourists. sweet America. which is an excellent time for my to announce my relapse of  overtraining, calorie counting, denying myself of fatty foods running distance. i had initially taken off running this fall to focus on my yoga practice. but just like a see-saw, when one goes up, the fat kid usually falls to the ground. did that even make sense.

my old calendar, from a year ago, when training for the thunder road half  marathon. it will feel really good to write my training program into my calendar again. this time i will write in pencil, i learned the hard way writing in pen means commitment. and you know i hate that shit.

either way i felt it was important to let you know (tammy) that my life has taken a reroute for the next few months. instead of telling you how i am bending my body into a pretzel, you will learn how i am slowly degraded the integrity of my IT bands and shortening the length of my hamstrings by accumulating miles upon miles. stay tuned gypsies.


4 thoughts on “hold up.

  1. Katie says:

    Question: why do you hate whales, that is just rude.

    Anyways, i can’t express my excitement that you are back on the blogging bandwagon 🙂 I’ve missed the written insight into your crazy mind. I am happy you are replacing what was probably going to be an obsessive endeavor with another obsessive endeavor.

  2. Jeff says:

    You know I’m not a fan of long-slow-distance running, but if ya gotta do it, at least keep some sort of strength training in your week (says the strength coach). And remember, recovery is your friend…and I’m not talking about recovering from Friday night (s) on Saturday!

    Less is more…

    Cheers —

  3. Tammy says:

    I wrote u a long email declaring my love for u the second I saw this on my phone yesterday, but it just bounced back. To summarize, I am sorry you have to have a disappointment and that your IT bands and hammies will have to suffer. Please keep us posted on this new endeavor! And january and yoga teacher training arent so far away! Take good care of yourself of, ms. Ashley!

  4. gwensquarepants says:

    Good luck with the marathon training! Glad to see another post! Your posts are fun to read 🙂 But I must ask… why do you hate whales?????!!

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