there once was a girl.

there once was this girl named ashley.

ashley was an OCD, type-A, narcissistic, over-achieving, ambitious young lady with dreams of becoming a doctor and finding a cure for cancer. in her past life ashley was a college athlete, and believed that her “me” shaped bubble would guide the trajectory of her life with self-controlled dignity and grace. she would graduate with perfect grades, move to the best city, go to the best med school, find acknowledgement in her accolades and be a template for perfection. she would have beautiful children, be wealthy, marry a dreamboat. shit she would even own a boat. just because she could.

that ashley wouldn’t need to learn to manage stress. she wouldn’t need to learn flexibility or adaptability. she wrote in her planner with sharpie because she was that certain of her decisions. she was above accountability, responsibility and compromise. she never got disappointed, because disappointment means she would have depend.

thank god that ashley is growing up and out. life is not fun to plan that much.






One thought on “there once was a girl.

  1. Tammy says:

    Sweet freedom. Seriously, Ash, congratulations!

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