big kid.

Yeah yeah. It takes me 2 weeks to write one blog. I keep saying “I will blog more”, or “I will get good at this”. I think I need to take my mom’s advice for everything including men, and just lower my expectations of blogging. I will blog when I feel like it, have no schedule or routine, and usually include any material innapropriate and beyond. 🙂

I should also start by sharing that I am setting personal goals for the month. My goal for August: breathe. I just felt like sharing that.

So in the past 3 weeks some monumental decisions in my life have occurred also occured. I guess I can just spell them out.

  1. I have decided I love mountains. I am moving to Denver after graduation in May 2012 (assuming thesis is defended and all that jazz, and cross your toes I have a job, that could be a wrench).

    Not Colorado mountains but still fun! Crowders in NC with Anna, Kat, and Mickey man!

  2. Number 2 has nothing to do with anything. I just recently went to Chicago and had one of my favorite days of the summer sightseeing with 2 of my best buds.
  3. I am finally feeling at ease about my time spent in grad school. I am finishing up writing my internship report for time spent in Kenya and had that epiphany the other night that this decision was good. I am going to do some big things in life. I know that, you know that, now we need to convince non-profits and hospitals in Denver of that too :).
  4. I got a job. Its unofficial, but OFFICIAL I guess. I haven’t had my first day, turned in forms, or signed anything so maybe I should keep this one a surprise. NOPE. I am now working full time for lululemon athletica in Charlotte. Eat your hearts out.
  5. I also decided to take a big RISK and enroll in yoga teacher training this fall. This is a risk because I have to give up coaching during the November weekends (which makes me bank, because my mom is my boss) and also sacrifice my hopeless booming social life. I will in the training 2-3 weekends every month all weekend (think 8-6). But on December 17th I will be certified to instruct yoga, have a deeper personal practice, and super skinny. I have thought about this for months, shared with a few of you, and am happy to say this is honestly the first thing in my life I am doing solely for myself and nobody else. VICTORY.

So there you have it an abbreviated version of my life decisions and moves recently. Classes start in less than 2 weeks, I haven’t bought my books, I forgot how to read this summer, and I just got feathers weaved into my hair.

There will be another post soon which I meant to do forever ago that my friend Katie from KeepingUpWithKatie linked me out too! In the mean time check out her blog. She is such a strong woman with a great story, AND not to mention fabulous recipes.

And also in the meantime. Hug an important woman in your life. An important person to me is battling breast cancer and could use some prayers, thoughts, energy, etc. But in her honor, just appreciate all the women in your life (and the men too, they too can get breast cancer: fact), public health nerd I know.


One thought on “big kid.

  1. Tammy says:

    Wow girl! Couldn’t be happier to read about all your big decisions (especially about yoga teacher training!!!). Seriously…very exciting!! You are so awesome, except that there are no pics of the feathers weaved into your hair! Dont lower your standards of men….just sayin, gross.

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