get after it.

The last two weeks have been the first time since senior year of high school sometime last fall that I have slowed down. I had no obligations. No work commitments. Zero work due. And my few friends in Charlotte were out of town, with the exception of Kat. Let’s be real Kat and I are inseparable she wouldn’t leave without me. So what did I do?? Write my internship paper? NO. Edit my internship report? NO. Cultivate a thesis topic? NO. Sleep in until 10:30 daily, watch re-runs of Project Runway, and frequent Target six times in 3 days? DUH.

But let me back up. It has been a crazy summer. After I got some brain cells back from Vail, I headed up to upstate New York for my friend Jenna’s wedding!

Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Porter!

I will say this and have been saying this since I returned home. And if you are somebody who gets offended by inappropriate comments I would stop reading now, and now that I think of it we may want to terminate our friendship :).

I will marry a black man. Or at least hire a black bridal party. Or just have a step team at my wedding (assuming I ever get hitched). Like seriously, who doesn’t want shots of Patron, aggressive dancing to Nelly’s “It’s Getting Hot In Here”, and random outbursts of “Get After It” being yelled by all family members ages 8 months to 75 years old? My point exactly.

In all honesty, I will expand on this. Living in the dirty South now where Confederate flags still wave rampant, it is so refreshing to see love in this capacity. Attending the wedding was such a victorious feeling for humanity and this couple was beaming. They poured white and brown sand together in unity, and I just LOVED all that it represented. You go Jenna! “GET AFTER IT!”.

So back from New York, I got to catch up with some lovely ladies here in Charlotte!

I really did luck out with grad school. Our program is all women with the exception of one guy (poor thing ;)). It is really fun to have a group of funky and unique girls around my age that I can grind out this work with and on the side drink lots of beer, cut up dance floors, and just share some great memories. And most of us have the same mentality; work hard, play much harder, and I will do THAT assignment tomorrow.

After Charlotte, I had another coaching gig up in Richmond, VA which proved uneventful. Back in Charlotte for the last 2 weeks and feeling extremely lazy, unproductive, fat, unmotivated, tired, and completely grounded for the first time in a long time. It really is nice to slow down and take some “me time” even if it does include Chipotle, Ben & Jerry’s, extended pajama time, and not shaving my legs.

This last weekend amidst my sloth like behavior, there was a sad moment when our beloved family wildebeast chocolate lab, Sammy, left for heaven. We had to put her down after 14 years of eating McDonald’s cheeseburgers, sleeping on the kitchen table, and being the 4th child of our family.

Chocolate Thunder Samantha Jane. Her birth name.

I have a super exciting post coming up in the next few weeks days, so if you are one of my 5 loyal readers, keep checking! As long as I can keep my binge drinking at bay in August (unlike July), I will get on the ball with blogging. I know you love it, so I will keep serving it up.



One thought on “get after it.

  1. Jeff says:


    I just want you to know that I am very proud to be one of the five “Pigeon Run” loyal readership. Thing is, we (the five) email each other anticipating / wondering what your next post will be…we live for this shit!!!

    Congrats to your friends, may their life be blessed.

    Peace to Sammy 🙂


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