feels like home.

I am HOME! 🙂

In the next few days I will be reflecting on my experiences in Kenya and you won’t want to miss it! Obviously.

A quick re-cap of my journey home;

  • My flight from Nairobi was at 2:50 AM. HORRIBLE. I arrived at the airport in the pitch black dark at 10 PM and was too early to even enter the airport, so I posted up outside. Obviously not ideal nor safe in any way, shape, or form but I figured I would walk to an outdoor beer and grab my last Tusker in Africa for awhile. Again probably not safe. Drinking with a giant backpack and laptop in tow? Safe. No. Did I care? No. Good.
  • While there I proceeded to use my last few minutes of airtime to call home and some friends etc. I was sitting next to three presumably American girls, (given by the fact they all sported Northface backpacks, new African scarfs, Teva sandals, and iPhones). Not European. They left an hour or so later and one of the girls had overheard me talking about my late flight informed me the gate to Istanbul had opened. She was and is super nice.
  • So I made my way into the gate, found the Americans and immediately struck up a fluid English conversation. Thank all that is holy.
  • Two of the three girls, Blair and Sarah were super nice, recent grads of Penn State doing health care accessibility work in Kenya, and the third girl, well she sucked, so blah to her.
  • We hung out all night waiting for the flight, I incurred my last vanilla milkshake, which would be the death of me, and we exchanged stories of people who are terrible to travel with, mainly smelly characters. Thank God for comfort on this long journey home.
  • The first flight, I passed out the whole time. Thank you Ambien/Xanax cocktail.
  • The next morning I woke up ready to face my 9 hour layover in Turkey when I was informed by Sarah that she was on a flight to NYC with an hour layover! WTF why didn’t I know about this!?!? So I sprinted off the plan to customer service, where everyone still smelled and didn’t speak English, and to my surprise and endless persistence was switched to the flight! I was informed my bag wouldn’t make it, but I would rather wait in the NYC airport for hours than Turkey. Check.
  • On the flight, there was nobody. So I got 3 seats in the middle row to myself, made a nest of terribly constructed pillows, drugged myself, and BAM 11 hours later, I was home. Only problem on the way home….remember that vanilla milkshake I chugged in Nairobi…..well it found its way out terribly for a few hours on the flight. Sorry about the graphicness of that, but man at least vanilla barf sort of tastes okay? It is better than my usual Jack Daniels puke. Ok I took it too far. Sorry i’m not sorry.
  • I waited in line with a few hundred green card holding Chinese people, and made it through customs sneaking Nanners a few mangoes (JK), and there she was, MY BAG! It made it! Yay for things working out!
  • So I hopped on the train to Leah’s place in NYC, where I currently sit in her bed for the day watching episode after episode of Glee, Biggest Loser, and the Voice while she is saving the world at the UN. I used my $50 gift card to walk downstairs braless to McDonalds and have hash browns for bfast. So skinny. TV day! 🙂
  • Because I got in early I got to spend time with Emily last night and eat Mexican food and rest. NYC is about 100 degrees today so I am going to fry myself on the roof and hopefully take away the translucent nonexistent color from my stomach.
  • Off to Philly tonight to have a great week with my best buds and see my momma!
So there is my update. I am no longer in Kenya. You know the air quality is terrible in a country when you start inhaling as deep as possible in a NYC subway because you are grateful for the improved breathing abilities. I can only imagine how great my lungs will feel soon! Goodbye burning trash Kenya, hello oxygen!
Stay tuned!

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